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What are the structural features of the knife gate valve?

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Structural features:
1. The raised door sealing surface can scrape off the viscous material seal on the surface and automatically remove impurities.
2, stainless steel door to prevent corrosion caused by seal leakage.
3, all stainless steel materials, can prevent corrosion damage.
4, short length structure, can save raw materials and installation space, but also effectively support the strength of the pipeline.
5, sealed packaging design science, so that the seal is safe and effective, durable.
6, triangular support, saving raw materials, to ensure the need for mechanical performance.
7. Body movement of the guide block. The extrusion block ram guarantees an effective seal.
8, body reinforcement design increases the strength of the body. Stainless steel stem is
9, durable, use faster open / close dual thread.
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