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Prevention of leakage at hydraulic pipe joints

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In the hydraulic system metal pipe joints or hose connections, easy to leak problems. For the pipe clamp connector, mainly because of the greater impact force of the pipe, the looseness of the card or the leakage caused by the deformation of the two ends of the pipe, should check whether the ferrule is lost, the blade at this time, no defects, the pipe is intact And the ferrule nut, compaction, etc., as well as eliminating the external force of the pipe. Flared pipe joints are mainly due to excessive flaring, unsatisfactory quality or multiple disassembly, resulting in deformation or crack flaring leakage, and the front end can reduce burning. If you use a male female cone top pressure seal, the leak is mainly due to injury and the two cones can be tapered with a sanding mill. In some occasions or diameters where the "о" ring end face seal is used, the causes of the leakage are as follows: "о" ring aging or deformation caused by leakage; "о" ring assembly is not in place, making the two plane connection pressure uneven Or "о" ring cutting causes leakage; "о" ring is not compacted, leakage caused by insufficient elastic deformation, "о" ring mouth penetrates into the groove, causing leakage. The outer diameter and the thick "о" ring must be selected for the same cross section. It can also be cut or ground with the sealing surface of the sub-tank to reduce the depth of the sub-port groove, so that the "о" ring has sufficient elastic deformation (compression amount). Generally should be between 0.35 - 0.65 mm). Use oil-resistant rubber sheets, wool felts, low-carbon steel sheets, gaskets or sealants for composite pipe joint leaks. Regardless of the material, first check for any damage to the seal, excessive deformation, aging and roughness, etc., and then take appropriate Measures.

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