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Titanium alloy parts

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Cutting cutting process Before the titanium alloy parts, the bulk titanium alloy should be cut first and prepared for blanking. Titanium alloy cutting, unlike ordinary metals, is difficult to use in flame method, otherwise high temperature pollution will cause material embrittlement. Therefore, plasma cutting, laser cutting, and milling are often used. However, these methods are either materials that are prone to thermal stress discrete deformation (such as laser cutting), or too high a cost to meet mass production (such as ion beam cutting), or high residual material rates (such as milling). Therefore, another way of cutting at room temperature was conceived: high pressure water cutting. Water cutting is the water knife.
Wuxi Bill Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of regulating valve parts, knife gate valves, castings processing, the company adhering to the "environmental protection, quality, integrity" business philosophy, to provide customers with high quality and low price products, dedication and new and old customers sincere cooperation.